Your Complete Guide to Hire or Subcontract Out Your School Contracts


All of the tools needed to recruit, hire, onboard, and manage additional providers to serve schools.


Knowing when, how, and who to hire are big decisions...

If you're relying on Facebook, Google, or advice from people who don't understand the nuances of staffing school contracts, it's no wonder hiring feelings overwhelming.


One of the biggest challenges is figuring out how to balance obtaining school contracts when you intend to staff them with another's the old "CHICKEN AND THE EGG" situation.   

You're not alone in this. Every successful school contract business eventually comes to this point. And I've been there too...deciding whether to stay small or grow to meet school needs without stretching myself thin.

That's why I created this packet. It's your straightforward guide to school staffing, covering everything from hiring to team management.



I am going to break down the staffing process for you so you can confidently GROW YOUR BUSINESS through effective RECRUITMENT, HIRING, ONBOARDING, and TEAM MANAGEMENT.


With step-by-step guidance, video trainings, business tools, and templates, you will have everything you need.


I am on a mission to help you grow your business and serve more students by simplifying the hiring and staffing process.

Introducing the

School Staffing Packet & Training


The School Staffing Packet is a COMPLETE STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE that includes all the tools you will need to staff and manage your team...all with lifetime access

This packet is designed to ensure you feel confident when you make the decision to hire and you remain successful through the entire process...from RECRUITMENT to ONBOARDING to MANAGEMENT. 

Comprehensive, step-by-step guide 

This packet will walk you through the entire process, from deciding when to hire or subcontract to managing a team.

Onboarding guides & retention strategies


Ensure you retain both your both your providers and your schools with our onboarding and retention tools. Including an HR-developed employee handbook.

Ready-to-use tools


Easily download modifiable templates for subcontracting or hiring, pay determination, and onboarding.



The School Staffing Packet includes editable, lawyer-reviewed contracts for W2 and 1099 positions.


Let's Look Inside!

Here's what you'll get inside the

School Staffing Packet & Training

(value of over $2500!)

Staff with Confidence!

The School Staffing Packet & Training has video trainings and customizable and ready-to-use forms for SLP, OT, & PT contracting businesses:

  • Provider payment calculator
  • FTE calculator
  • Sample job listing
  • Sample job application
  • Sample interview questions
  • Sample offer letter
  • 1099 and W2 contract templates
  • Provider onboarding checklist
  • Policies and procedure handbook and welcome handbook
  • Sample training PowerPoint
  • Timesheet template
  • Caseload information spreadsheet
  • Monthly check-in template
  • Sample quarterly satisfaction form
  • First quarter supervision document
  • AND short, easy-to-digest training videos to help you feel CONFIDENT with navigating all things school staffing.

The School Staffing Packet & Training



(with a value of over $2500!)

  • Confidently navigate "the chicken and the egg" of school staffing and establish your business policy for WHEN to staff

  • Recruit your ideal team and navigate the interviewing process with ease

  • Know when to hire non-clinical staff

  • Get the tools needed for onboarding a W2 employee or 1099 subcontractor

  • Streamline your policies and procedures to allow for quick and efficient hiring

  • Implement management procedures to maintain company standards and staff satisfaction
  • Understand how to sell to schools as a "company" instead of as a therapist

  •  Lifetime access




By confidently building your team?

  • Get instant access to every tool you will need: Job listing, application, & interview templates, payment calculator, offer letter and contract templates, policies and procedures handbook, management tools, and more!
  • Maximize your recruitment efforts to avoid turnover: Attract and manage your ideal candidate and create an offer that also allows you to be profitable.
  • Streamline your processes for maximum efficiency: Navigate the sales-staffing timeline, efficiently hire, and decrease your overhead time during the management phase.
  • Manage your team so both the schools and your staff are happy: Team management, policies and procedures, and check-ins with your school will increase retention for both your providers and your schools.

The School Staffing Packet is your pathway to building a sustainable and successful team.

Meet your school contracting guide

Hi, I'm Elise Mitchell, M.S., CCC-SLP

My Mission is to Empower SLPs, OTs, & PTs to Serve Schools, On Their Terms.

I have spent over 8 years in the contracting industry, and trust me, I've seen it all. From working in sales and management for a staffing company that left me burnt out to consulting with clinics during COVID—I thought I was done with schools. The low pay, the high caseloads, it was just too much. The tipping point came when I realized I couldn't sustain myself mentally or financially in that system.

Then came 2020, the year that changed everything for me and, hopefully, for you too. An opportunity fell into my lap to work directly with a local school as a contractor. I set my own pay, caseload, and conditionsand guess what? I started enjoying school therapy again. It was a complete game-changer, a breath of fresh air that made me reconsider everything.

And it led to an epiphany: what if other therapists could do the same? And, what if they could build staffing companies that created competitive employment and contract opportunities for other providers?


Whether you're in rural Missouri like me or anywhere else, schools need consistent speech, occupational, and physical therapy for their students, but are often unable to provide it. This led to my decision to help therapists like you become solid competition for staffing companies while also creating competitive employment opportunities for other providers. So that is what I am doing: EQUIPPING THERAPISTS LIKE YOU WITH THE TOOLS YOU NEED BUILD A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS.

I've seen this industry from all angles—I've been involved in more than 50 full-time contracts, and I've pitched from the bush regions of Alaska to the second-largest district in America. I bring this experience to everything I create and share...these resources included! Plus, they're designed specifically for SLPs, OTs, & PTs.

Let me help you build a successful business by learning how and when to hire a team. 

Are you ready to confidently build a team for your school contract business?


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