Unlock Success in School Contracting: Your All-in-One Toolkit for School Contracts is Here!


Quit the Guesswork and Gain Confidence with Lawyer-Reviewed Contracts, Sales Scripts, and Customizable Tools—Tailor-Made for Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapists in Schools.


Feeling Stuck in the School Contracting Maze?

Doing this on your own is overwhelming and time-consuming, and you are ready to get out there and take advantage of the growing need of schools across the country...TODAY!


I get it, stepping into school contracting feels like you're entering uncharted territory.


Maybe you've held back because it seems like a game only big companies can win.


Or you've been turned off by past experiences with companies that don't look out for you, putting you on the fast track to burnout.


Don't worry, you're not the only one feeling this's exactly what I thought and felt before I got into the school contract game for myself.



Let me help you avoid more than just overwhelm and frustration. This packet also means you can take advantage of timely opportunities to help schools that desperately need your expertise.

Don't trade away precious time and potential earnings while trying to do it all on your own.


Instead, you can USE THE TOOLS I USE IN MY OWN BUSINESS (ones I have used with over 50 contracts across 49 states) and capitalize on the growing demand for SLPs, OTs, and PTs in schools. 

Why reinvent the wheel when you can benefit from tried-and-tested materials that have already proven successful?


The School Contractor Packet

Your One-Stop Solution for Hassle-Free School Contracting

A comprehensive toolkit designed to fast-track your journey from prospecting to contracting with schools.

A Complete Resource


Proven tools to help you market and actively sell to school districtsset a competitive rate, and execute a contract with your boundaries in mind. Plus, onboard and serve the school of your dreams.

Sales & marketing tools


Scripts, sales tracker, marketing materials, and a guide to overcoming objections to support you when engaging in the sales process with schools!

Set your rates & bill with confidence 


From a rate calculator to an expense tracker, you can set your business up to be profitable from the start. Document time, mileage, and expenses, so you can invoice without all of the stress.



Lawyer-reviewed and easily modifiable contracts for in-person and virtual contracts. Plus get a BONUS on-demand contract and our consent to screen form!


And there is more!

You'll also get these awesome bonuses:

These bonuses aren't just extras; they're tools that will prepare you to win and keep contracts today and in the future. 

Bonus #1

Objection Management Template
(Value $75)

Don't let common objections stand in your way. Be prepared for any pushback. This template equips you with responses to common objections schools might have so you can navigate those conversations with ease.

Bonus #2

The "On-Demand Contract"
(Value $350)

Ever wondered how to approach schools that might not need you right now but could in the future? With this "On-Demand Contract," you'll not only get your foot in the door but also become their first choice when a need eventually arises.


"I edited the contract and sent it on the same day I purchased it. It came back signed a week later. I'm a School Contractor now!"

Brandy, OT

The School Contractor Packet



(with a value of over $1625!)

  • 3 Lawyer-Reviewed School Contracts (Brick and Mortar Contract, Teletherapy Contract, & BONUS On-Demand School Contract)

  • Sales Script Examples

  • School Sales Tracker

  • Editable Services Flyer

  • Rate Calculator to Set Competitive Rates

  • Expense Tracker and Monthly Mileage Tracker

  • Monthly Documentation of Time and Caseload Tracker

  • Monthly Invoice Template

  • Record of Supervisory Events

  • Editable Provider Bio

  • Consent to Screen Form

  • Case Manager In-Depth Educator Input Form

  • BONUS: Objections Library to Help You Overcome Objections

  • Expertise from someone who has sold and managed contracts in 49 out of 50 states!

This packet does not include the School Contractor Training. If you want both, head over here.


How does this sound?

Your COMPLETE school contracting SOLUTION...

  • Instant Access to Essential Materials: Contracts, sales scripts, invoice templates, and more — all of which are easily customizable. 
  • Affordable and Cost-Effective: Priced to be accessible (having a lawyer draft you a contract can cost well over $1000!) so this one-time investment will pay off quickly.
  • Lawyer-Reviewed Contracts: Benefit from contracts created for school contracting businesses.
  • Valuable Bonuses: Manage objections and secure on-demand school contracts with the added bonuses!

The School Contractor Packet is your pathway to a successful school contracting journey. 

Meet your school contracting guide

Hi, I'm Elise Mitchell, M.S., CCC-SLP

My Mission is to Empower SLPs, OTs, & PTs to Serve Schools, On Their Terms.

I have spent over 8 years in the contracting industry, and trust me, I've seen it all. From working in sales and management for a staffing company that left me burnt out to consulting with clinics during COVID—I thought I was done with schools. The low pay, the high caseloads, it was just too much. The tipping point came when I realized I couldn't sustain myself mentally or financially in that system.

Then came 2020, the year that changed everything for me and, hopefully, for you too. An opportunity fell into my lap to work directly with a local school as a contractor. I set my own pay, caseload, and conditionsand guess what? I started enjoying school therapy again. It was a complete game-changer, a breath of fresh air that made me reconsider everything.

And it led to an epiphany: what if other therapists could do the same?


Whether you're in rural Missouri like me or anywhere else, schools need consistent speech, occupational, and physical therapy for their students, but are often unable to provide it. This led to my decision to help therapists like you become solid competition for staffing companies, who often pay poorly and provide little support, and end up leaving schools and kids hanging. So that is what I am doing: EQUIPPING THERAPISTS LIKE YOU WITH THE TOOLS YOU NEED TO WORK ON YOUR TERMS.

I've seen this industry from all angles—I've been involved in more than 50 full-time contracts, and I've pitched from the bush regions of Alaska to the second-largest district in America. I bring this experience to everything I create and share...these resources included! Plus, they're designed specifically for SLPs, OTs, & PTs.

Let me help make school therapy enjoyable again for both you and the kids who need us. I'm right here with you every step of the way.

This is possible for you too.

Your Path to School Contracting Success Awaits!

With this packet, you'll be fully equipped to seize opportunities and meet the growing demand for specialized therapists in schools.


"Elise is a wealth of knowledge. Her contracting packet is a HUGE TIME SAVER. I highly recommend."

Kristen, SLP

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you ready to create a successful school contracting business?

Less Stress, More Success: No longer will you have to fret about navigating the complexities of school contracting on your own. 

Be Your Own Boss: You'll have the freedom to choose which schools you want to work with, creating a work-life balance that suits your needs. 

Unlimited Earnings: With the School Rate Calculator, you’ll be setting competitive yet profitable rates for your services, which means the sky is the limit when it comes to your earnings.

Be the Go-To Therapist: Utilize effective sales scripts and marketing materials to become the first choice for schools. 

Future-Proof Your Career: The needs of schools are only increasing. Invest today so you can build a career you love!

Your future as a school contractor is not just about surviving; it's about thriving in an environment you're passionate about. This packet is the first step in that empowering journey.