Leveraging Your Summer to Obtain School Contracts

Jun 13, 2024

A common misconception is that the best time to secure school contracts is in the spring, just before the new school year. However, many districts are still hoping for an in-house hire or haven't yet decided to part ways with their current staffing agency.

This reality makes the summer an ideal time for contractor hopefuls to pursue and obtain school contracts. Here are my top tips for leveraging your time this summer to find your first contract or add additional contracts to expand your team!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

During the summer, it becomes more apparent which districts are struggling to recruit through open Requests for Proposals (RFPs) or listed vacancies on job boards. Identify these districts and focus your efforts on them. This strategic approach allows you to target your resources effectively, increasing your chances of securing a contract while also enjoying plenty of downtime this summer.

Make Your Desire Known

Visibility is key. Share your availability for school contracts on your Facebook page, and on your private practice website, share with your former graduate school cohort, etc. You never know when an educator friend might know of a district unhappy with their current agency or facing recruitment challenges. Spreading the word can lead to unexpected opportunities without cold calls.

Engage in Active Sales

While making your desire known is essential, the school contracting world often requires more proactive efforts. This means engaging in active sales. You need to initiate conversations, present your offers, and pitch your services to districts that might have a need. This direct approach of calling the special education director can significantly increase your chances of landing a contract.

 Make Them Tell You "No"

If a school hasn't answered, don't assume they’ll get back to you when they return to the office. It's common to need multiple follow-ups before a district has the capacity to respond. Persistence is key. Keep contacting them until you get a definitive answer. I recommend switching between calls and emails to support with different ways to contact.

Stick With It

Both beginning contractors and seasoned veterans are often surprised at how late districts accept contracts. Summer and well into the fall are prime times to secure a contract. The key is to keep going and not give up. Even if it seems late in the game, opportunities can and do still arise.

Need additional support?  Check out my School Contractor Packet, which contains sales scripts, objection management templates, in additional to sample contracts.

Go get 'em! 
❤️ Elise