The Hybrid Private Practice: The Benefits of Combining Private Practice with School Contracts

Feb 27, 2024

If you follow me, you've seen that I'm quick to share how much I love school contracts as an additional source of revenue for private practice owners.  I personally reserve my business exclusively to school contracts because I am a lover of summer's off--mainly so I can waste all of my money and time in my garden.  However, adding school contracts on to your existing revenue stream of private practice can be a beautiful way to meet your revenue goals AND serve your community. 

Here are just some of the benefits behind a hybrid private practice. 

"Quick" Revenue Builder: Ok, I put the word quick in quotes because there is a sales and contracting process to school contracting, and some schools take their sweet time with signing a contract.  However, a full-time school contract can gross over $100,000 towards your business revenue.  Let's say you staff it out and modify your liability insurance,  you can still anticipate adding an extra $20,000-$30,000 to your business income without increasing your direct therapy time. 
**Note: these numbers are used for example purposes and will be high or low depending on your state, provider pay rate, etc.  Use my spreadsheets in my Staffing Packet and speak with your CPA to hone in more on your rates and see the ROI per contract.**

Supplement a Building Caseload:  Are you a private practice owner that's still building your private practice caseload?  The good news is that school contracts do NOT have to be full-time.  Many of my customers combine a 2-day weekly school contract with their private practice work to ensure they're making the income needed while they build their private practice. 

Offset Slower Times: School contracts and pediatric private practices often have alternate "busy" times.  So when your private practice referrals increase in the summer, your school services stop.  When you see a "dip" in clients in the fall, you can add on a school contract.  The two busy times support with consistent revenue in your business.

Lean Into Your Niche:  Did you start your private practice because you want to lean into your niche, such as bilingual services, AAC, executive functioning, IEEs?  Those niche services are ALSO available in school districts.  I call this an "on-demand" contract and the focus revolves around serving schools "as needed" in a way that fulfills you. 
(Need an on-demand template and example? There's one in my School Contractor Packet and Training linked below.)

Variety: Through my 1:1 coaching calls, I've found that may of my customers enjoy mixing up their professional routine and daily schedule.   A hybrid private practice gives you or the providers you hire a chance to see those school populations while also serving clinic populations. 

Want to add school contracts to your private practice offerings but don't know where to start?  That's where I come in!! ⬇️

My School Contractor Packet and Training gives you the tools needed to identify and execute school contracts. 

Know you want to hire out?  Check out my School Staffing Packet and Training which is designed to support you with hiring or subcontracting for school positions. 

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As always,  go get 'em. 
❤️ Elise